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Farmex for export and import a new fast growing company with more than 40 years of experience in agricultural products wholesale in Egypt


Farmex Company for export and import is an export-oriented enterprise with the combination of purchasing, processing and marketing

All the fruits and vegetables are harmless and pollution-free green food planted and processed under the requirements of European market standards.215-200-230-341

Farmex is a customer-oriented company, dedicated in providing customers with green and healthy agricultural food in top quality and competitive price with great and efficient services.

Approximately one-third of Egyptian labor is engaged directly in farming, and many others work in the processing or trading of agricultural products. Fertile soil in the Nile Valley and Delta. Some desert lands are being developed for agriculture, including the ambitious Toshka project in Upper Egypt.

Egyptian farmers grew a rich variety of crops, fruits, and vegetables, thanks to the warm climate, plentiful water along the Nile, and exceptionally fertile soil. The country essentially has two seasons, summer and winter; spring and fall are quite short. The climatic differences between north and south have some impact on the geographical distribution of crops.

Egyptian agriculture was transformed over the last century in large measure as a result of technological change. Technological changes included the switch from basin to perennial irrigation, mechanization, application of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, breeding new seed varieties,...

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