Fresh Artichoke

Fresh Season start from:December to end of March

Frozen & In Brine: whole year.

Packing: 30, 35, 40 pieces / Box.

Shipping: Most by sea.


Fresh Broccoli

Season: October to April.

Packing: 7 kg.

Shipping: by Air & by Sea.


Fresh Capsicum

Size: 70 - 100 MM.

Packing: 4.5 - 5 kg.

Shipping: by Air & by Sea.


Fresh Garlic

Fresh Season start from: February to May.

Variety: Egyptian white or purple.

Size: From 50 to 70 mm.

Cut: From 8 to 12 cm.

Packing: carton, basket and net.

Weight: 5kg or 10kg.

Condition: Fresh white color or purple, free from pests and damages, well-formed bulb, complete cloves, bright clean and free from of any visible foreign matters, firm, withstand transport and handling.

Cooling: Pre cooled and transported at 0 degree Celsius. Arrive in satisfactory condition at the place of destination.


Fresh Lettuce

Farmex is a main supplier to the big names catering, commerce in Europe and GCC Market.

Packing: 9, 10 & 11 pieces / Carton (Liner & single Bag)

Shipping:by Sea & by Air to Any destination ports


Fresh Mango

Varieties: Kiett - Naomi - Zebda - Taymour

Packing: 3.5, 4.5, 6 kg. Box.

Shipping: by Air & by Sea.


Fresh Onion

Red onion starts from: May to October.

Golden onion starts from: April to August.

Color: Golden, Dark red onion

Size: 40 to 60 mm, 60 to 80 mm, 80 to 100 mm.

Packing: in nets 10 or 25 kg net weight & 1200 kg. Jumbo Bag

Condition: Clean and free from any visible foreign matter, free from damages caused by sun or humidity, withstand transport and handling, arriving in satisfactory condition at the place of destination.


Fresh Orange

Navel Orange: December to February.

Valencia Orange: February to end of April.

Packing:1600 carton.

Net Weight: 15 kg.

Total Weight: 24 ton /40 HQ Reefer container.

Bins Packing: 500 kg. /Bins.

Size: 56, 60, 64, 72, 80, 88, 100, 113, 125.


Fresh Pomegranate

Varieties: Wonderful. Baladi, Early 116.

Shipping: Reefer Container.


Packages: 1) 4.50 Kg N.W standard open top carton. 2) 20 Kg Plastic Tray.

Packing types: 180 Cartons / Pallet. 60 Plastic Tray / Pallet. 20 Pallets / 40″Ft 1 Container.

Season/Availability: From September until December.


Fresh Strawberry

Variety: Festival.

Season: December to March.

Packing: 250 gram / punnet. 10 punnets/Carton

Shipping: Most by Air.


Fresh Tomato

Green house growing Tomatoes

Season: December to March.

Packing: 7 kg Box.

Size: 40 - 80 mm.

Shipping: Most by Sea.


Fresh Watermelon

Varieties: Giza, dark green, Crimson

Carton Packing: 2 piece/carton. 4 piece/carton. 5 piece/carton.

Bins Packing:500kg/Bins, 40 Bins On 40 Pallet. Total 20 Tons NW/40 HQ Reefer Containers.

Sizes: 5-7kg / 7kg-Above.

Season: April to End of August.

Shipping: By sea.


IQF Broccoli

Size: 30 - 50 mm, 50 - 70 mm.

Packing: (1x1)kg/Bag. (1x10)kg/Bag. (2.5x4)kg/Bag.


IQF Artichoke with stem

Size: 16/kg, 18/kg.

Packing: (1x1)kg/Bag. (1x10)kg/Bag. (2.5x4)kg/Bag.


IQF Baby Artichoke

Size: 20-25 mm, 25-30 mm, 30-35 mm.

Packing: (1x1)kg/Bag. (1x10)kg/Bag. (2.5x4)kg/Bag.


IQF Quarter Artichoke

Size: 20x45 mm, 20x50 mm.

Packing: (1x1)kg/Bag. (1x10)kg/Bag. (2.5x4)kg/Bag.


IQF Strawberry

Premium quality growing under Global Gap certificate and selected the High quality tasty strawberry.

Size: 22 - 35 mm.

Packing: (1x1)kg/Bag. (1x10)kg/Bag. (2.5x4)kg/Bag.